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Quickr 1.6

Quickr 1.6 Free Download

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Access your favourite applications in an easier and faster way!


Quickr is an Android app that allows you to have access to all the installed software that you have on your mobile with its simple touchscreen. With just a single touch on the top of the screen, you can access every utility and application recently used or those which are still in use.

You can add the applications and utilities that you want to have as a shortcut

This launcher is quite an interesting alternative due to its clear interface. Quickr offers you up to 4 different panels. In these panels, you can add the apps and utilities that you want to have as a shortcut. If you usually use the same applications and you are tired of having to continuously look for them in your mobile phone, don’t hesitate to download and try it!

The mentioned panels, called hotspots, are retrieved on both sides of the screen, letting you have quicker access without having to load every installed application when you unlock your device. In addition, it provides you with one of the most outstanding features that every experienced user wants in their mobile: the great customization it offers. Feel free to run the application the way you want, by setting all your preferences with this launcher! You are able to modify each hotspot offered choosing the style you want or any default option.

First steps using this application

If you want to access the hotspots, you just have to swipe the main tab from the established side. Quickr provides you with access to its main launcher system that we have explained before. In addition, we can mention that one of its strongest points is the speed in doing so. It works in a faster and easier way than similar apps. We also can assure you that it consumes few resources, so there won’t be any problem in using it in your smartphone as you won't lose your battery or phone space.

As we mentioned above, it allows you to customize it according to your preferences or you can also choose the default hotspot model. In that way, you will have access to the background-running processes, the recently used utilities and some general tools such as Wi-Fi, 3G toggle buttons and Bluetooth.

Quickr 1.6 Features

Quickr includes the following features:

  • It is a very customizable application that allows the user to modify it according to their preferences
  • Ability to have up to 4 hotspots
  • Add a shortcut for using your favourite application
  • It offers you the option of choosing the default design, in case you don't want to waste time choosing the style you want
  • High speed in comparison with other similar software
  • You can use more than 15 quick actions such as for personal searches or post messages to your social network accounts, amongst others
  • If you have previously installed other similar free software, it is compatible with most of them and you could make the most of them

If you want to read more about this Android download, feel free to do so on the developer’s website

System Requirements

If you want to download Quickr, we recommend that you check the minimum system requirements beforehand:

  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or later

free download


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